[ kingkongfactory ] MuscleKingkong 1152 (巧克力味) 4kg 蛋白粉補充/保健品/送搖搖杯

[ kingkongfactory ] MuscleKingkong 1152 (巧克力味) 4kg 蛋白粉補充/保健品/送搖搖杯, Korean, 運動戶外 , kingkongfactory, king13, , koreanmall

Musclekingkong 1152 ( 巧克力風味 ) 4 公斤蛋白質補充 / 健康補充 / Shaker 包含

Muscle KingKong
31 series
A series that has products containing more than 90% pure protein.
Carbonhydrates/Gainer Muscle KingKong 52 series
Products that contain 10~50% protein and 40~80% carbonhydrates.

Pure Protein
PureProtein Muscle KingKong

00 series
Products that has more than 99.9% of WPI, WPH, or WPC.


Creatine series
Amino supplements that consists of BCAA, amino aicds, glutamine and creatine products




Essential Amino Acids (EAA)
EAA is the term for the 10 types of amino acids that do not get synthesized or doesn't get produced enough in the body. If an adequate amount of EAA is not provided within our system, protein does not get absorbed as it should. Thus, EAA is a crucial ingredient of all protein products. Our product matches the standards for a 'Amino Acid Score'.





Muscle KingKong Series Consumption Guideline

Depending on your workout time/intensity, adjust the amount or frequency of consumption.

Recommended single serving



31 series - 3 spoons (60g) / 52 series - 3 spoons (90g) / 00 series 1.5 spoons (30g0) / Amino series 1 spoon (10g)



1. Pour 200~300mls of water, milk, or any other beverage of your choice
2. Scoop the powder into the shaker according to its' series and its' recommended amount.
3. Shake adequately
4. Intake slowly

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[ kingkongfactory ] MuscleKingkong 1152 (巧克力味) 4kg 蛋白粉補充/保健品/送搖搖杯


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